Washington County Located in the western region of Maryland, Washington County boasts gorgeous views of its nature trails, culture trails and takes pride in their rich history dating back to the 1700s. Not only does Washington County take pride in its rich history and culture, but sports and recreation as well. The county has dozens of sporting venues serving athletes participating in soccer, softball, BMX, baseball and many more. In fact, sports and recreational tourism is one of the primary market segments that Washington County pursues in helping bring visitors to the area.

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  • Sports are a big economic engine for Washington County. Our fields and complexes are near capacity, and we are working to have more developed. We strive to provide the best possible experience for the teams, families, and participants who come here for their events.
    Dan Spedden, President of Visit Hagerstown and Washington County

Featured Venues

Hagerstown BMX
Hagerstown BMX opened in 1999 with its location nat Fairgrounds Park. Hagerstown BMX was also the first sport venue to open at the Park. The venue is also run completely on volunteers, much of whom are all race families, so it is easy for these families to see first-hand the impact the sport of BMX has played in their family's lives.
Hagerstown Ice and Sports Complex
The Hagerstown Ice & Sports Complex @ Fairgrounds Park is a 40,500 square-foot facility sitting on nine acres adjacent to Fairgrounds Park. The facility is owned by the City of Hagerstown and operated by the Hagerstown Ice Amateur Athletic Association. The complex features a single National Hockey League size rink, an arcade, snack bar and rooms for parties or private meetings.